Our Story

We are Bear Hug Detroit. Founded by Holly Hutton of 99.5 WYCD. We are a 501c3 charity!

What we do…

We collect, purchase and supply the DPD and first responders with teddy-bears, stuffed animals, blankets, diapers and more, for children that are in the midst of turmoil. When children in the crossfire of violence, they are left confused and upset. We try to calm and ease them with a simple stuffed animal to hold and cuddle.

Meet Our Board:

Holly Hutton (president & founder)
Joell Hart (director of development)
Jamie Geary (treasury)
Eric Fletcher (trustee)
Jim Geary (trustee)
Kevin Mamon (trustee)
Lisa Smith (trustee)
Robert Hart (trustee)

Next Steps…

Make an impact today¬†donate…any amount helps.